Thursday, 26 April 2012
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rocky072712-large2.jpgRocky is a 7-8 year old handsome fawn male who is intense, loving, and quirky.

This happy boy loves life- whether running around the backyard barking at the trees, chasing a squirrel or just staring deeply into your eyes, his tail is wagging. You'd never know that he is a cancer survivor by looking at him, unless you feel his wonderful, soft coat and notice his tiny scars. If you talk to him, he immediately puts his paw on your knee and folds his head into your hand for petting. A lovey but not intrusive snuggler, Rocky is a constant companion. He is completely potty trained, and can be crated, use a dog door, or even just walks. He is not a runner and stays close when on walks and in the doggie park.

Although he is food and bone aggressive with other pets, he is as gentle as a lamb with his owners and teenage human sister. High strung and deeply devoted, Rocky is best in a home alone or with only one other pet. He would also do best with no children.

If you know a cancer survivor in your own life, you know that the future is never 100% sure. Rocky has been treated with chemotherapy/surgery and has never had an invasive tumor on his inside, just yucky mast cell tumors on his outside that are now gone.  We believe he will lead a long and happy life, but also know the tumors can come back again someday.

Everyone who meets Rocky finds him special, do you feel that way too? Consider meeting him and letting him know!

Thank you to our Virtual Fosters: Steven K., Kari B.


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