Friday, 21 September 2012
Gia is in GA.
Her fee is $150.

gia102612-large3.jpg Hello! My name is Gia and I am a 10 year old fawn, female Pug. I came to SEPRA from a lovely home but due to a change in circumstances, they could not keep me anymore. I am completely housebroken, spayed, fully-vetted, and am good with children and other dogs. (I’m not sure what cats are at this point so I can’t tell you if I like them or not.) I do find the occasional squirrel very interesting though! I walk well on a leash but my favorite time is when I get to explore the yard at my own leisurely pace. I love to snuggle with my human and will even give you a few kisses! I’m very friendly and just love to hang out wherever you are.

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes but after a month of being on the right food (Orijen Senior) and getting my insulin injections (4 units Humulin N– 2x a day), I am doing fantastic! I just had a vet check-up and they were very impressed with my progress. I’m used to getting my shots and sit very still while it is being given. In general, I’m quite easy going and have no bad habits—I even like to play still! I have lost a little weight since coming to SEPRA and am now down to 22 lbs. I love my new food and will even do a little dance for you while you prep my breakfast/dinner.

I’d love to find a sweet, loving family to call my forever home. I have a lot of love left to give so please consider adopting me!

Update 10/29/12:
Hello Pug Lovers everywhere! I thought I should update my status to “Single and Looking” for my new forever home! I’m all settled in with my new foster family and I’m learning new tricks. So far, I know sit, down, speak and dance (I already knew dance). My food has been changed to Nature’s Recipe Chicken Grain Free and it’s delish! After I eat, I run to the kitchen and sit for my shot. I LOVE getting my shot, because it doesn’t hurt at all AND I get a tiny piece of turkey afterwards. My diabetes is right on track! My insulin will cost about $25 every six weeks.

I am a very, very good girl. My foster mom, dad and grandpa, say I am a perfect Pug!!! I don’t mind a crate, but I don’t really need one because I don’t get into anything. I love to sleep in the bed with my family, but I don’t get upset if I can’t. I would LOVE a fenced yard, but I am very good on a leash. I bark and dance to let you know I have to go potty. I never, ever potty in the house. I love to go for rides in the car and I recently found out I LIKE BOATS!!

I get to see kids a lot in the new neighborhood and I really like the little humans. I get along with all the other dogs. I still haven’t been around any cats, but my foster mom thinks I would ignore them cause I don’t have a mean bone in my body. I like to play fetch, tug-o-war and lots of other games. No one that meets me believes I am 10 years old, because I sure don’t look or act like it.

So if you are looking for a great little buddy….I AM YOUR GIRL!!! Please apply for me!

Update 1/29/13
I wanted to let everyone know that Gia is doing great! She is SO ready for her forever home. PLEASE don’t let her diabetes scare you. It is truly no big deal and Gia doesn’t have any effects from going untreated in her former home, which is amazing. She gets 4 units of insulin with each meal and actually looks forward to her shot because she knows a tiny meat treat is coming immediately afterward. She eats her kibble and then races to front of our refrigerator where she sits and waits patiently for her insulin. Her glucose levels were recently checked and the vet said she is still right on track. She has 1/3 cup dry grain free kibble each meal. She requires a timely eating schedule and trust me this girl KNOWS when it’s time to eat, almost to the very minute and she lets you know it is time by dancing, prancing, sneezing and snorting. It’s pretty amazing how close she is on the time and it’s super cute!

She had a full dental cleaning with some extractions and a mast cell tumor removed a couple of weeks ago. She has fully recovered and has been given a clean bill of health. The vet says she is anywhere from 7-10 years old. I tend to think she’s younger than 10 because she is one active little booger! She runs and plays and has personality plus! She is quite the little comedian around here and cracks us up daily with her silly little antics. She gets along with everyone and although she hasn’t been officially “cat tested”, I am certain she wouldn’t give a hoot if there was a cat in the house. She’s dainty and petite at 17 lbs and while she LOVES to snuggle.

As previously stated, her housebreaking is 100% with no accidents. She is great on a leash and her recall is nearly impeccable. She knows her name and comes when called immediately. I have never seen a Pug that quick on recall. We have been working with her on “sit”, “stay” and “leave it” and she is doing great. She will protect her toys and doesn’t like sharing them with other dogs, so she might need a little work on that.

Please consider adopting Gia! She is a delightful little girl!!

Thank you to our Virtual Fosters: Jessica L., Doug S.


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