We started off the year with a single dog in the rescue, Casey Jones.  During the year thirty-nine dogs come into Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue.  Thirty-one of these dogs found their loving forever homes.


Sadly we did lose Peter shortly after he came into PPSNR.  We did everything we could for him.  Unfortunately his illness had progressed too far.  After spending three days in the hospital he came to his foster home.  The next day he found an empty crate to take a nap and never awoke.  It was truly a sad day for everyone within the rescue.
Angel Program Logo

At the suggestion of one of our volunteers, PPSNR formed the Angel’s Program.  This program is designed to take care of those dogs surrendered to the Rescue who are in need of extraordinary medical care or are too sick or old to be adopted.  We currently have four dogs in the Angel’s Program.  They are Casey Jones, Lilac, Gus and Winnie.  This program is maintained through a separate fund within the rescue.

We could not have such a successful year without the help of our coordinators, foster homes, and volunteers.  Every time a call went out for help these individuals stepped up and made it happen.  Without their help and dedication PPSNR would not have been able to save so many lives this past year.  The rescue is truly blessed to such dedicated volunteers.
A very special thank you to everyone who provided the support that allowed the Rescue to be so successful.  If it was through a cash donation, product donation to or bidding in one of our online auctions, or running a fundraiser through your business.
Thank you for your continued support and friendship and wishes to you and yours for a very happy, joyous and prosperous 2015.

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