2015 – What a Year
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2015 was another great year for Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue!

Thanks to the efforts of all of the volunteers thirty-four dogs were saved this year.  Twenty-three found their new, loving forever homes.

George Yeager Teddy
Mason Dupree Brady
Mazzy Suzie Q Baxter
Buster Rocky Ginny
Marcus Bernie Neville
Mocha Moe Holly
Mang August West Lillian (Lily)
Bailey Baker

Sadly we had to say goodbye to four of our pugs.

Gus was surrendered to PPSNR in October 2014.  He was diagnosed with cancer and joined our Angel Program.  He crossed the bridge this past March.

Ruby, August of this year.  She came into PPSNR suffering from diabetes.  It was quickly determined that Ruby would join the Angel Program for chronically ill fosters.  Sadly, the disease had already taken its toll on her body.  Just a couple of weeks after joining us Ruby crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The same day that Ruby joined PPSNR, Daisy was surrendered to Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue.  Daisy was a very unusual pug.  She was a hermaphrodite.  This meant that she had both male and female reproductive organs.  Coming out of surgery for her spay she went into cardiac arrest.  Despite the best efforts of the Veterinarians and Vet Techs they could not save her.

In the fall of 2014 Corrina (renamed Chole) was adopted to a couple in the Pocono mountains.  We received an email in April that Chole (fka Corrina) crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Chole had a collapsing trachea as well as two good sized masses on her right lung. The vet felt that because the collapse was so far into the chest and due to her age, surgery would not be possible. So her guardians tried to keep her comfortable with medication and oxygen therapy. It worked for awhile but then she became unable to walk even three feet without an episode of “honking” and she was exhausted. She was unable to rest comfortably because any pressure at all on her chest caused her to struggle to breathe.  Ultimately, they made the selfless choice to help her across the bridge.

It is sad to say good-bye.  The team at PPSNR, coordinators, volunteers and supporters can take solace that each one of these precious babies knew the joys of proper medical care, good food, a warm bed and people who open their homes and most importantly their hearts.  With these babies in mind and our hearts, we move forward to help others in need of rescue.

All of this is not possible without the efforts of our coordinators and volunteers.  It is through their efforts that each of these dogs found rescue, got the medical care they needed, and went to their forever home.

Would like to say a very special thank to the many who have provided the financial support needed.  It is through your generosity that PPSNR can provide the top notch level of care and medical treatment each of our fosters deserve.

Wishes for a happy and joyous 2016 filled with Peace, Love, Prosperity and Pug Love.


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