2016 – A Year In Review
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2016 was another successful year for Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue.

39 dogs came through the rescue.  We started the year with six pugs in our Angels Program, more on them later, and seven dogs available for adoption.  Twenty-one adoptable and two Angels joined PPSNR during the year.  Twenty-five adoptable dogs went to their forever homes:

Vinny Evie Chase
Oscar Alaster Jane
Trey Rocky Flynn
Chase 2 Otis Baby
Brent Max Floyd
Ricky Betty Isabella
Hope Holly Jackie
Leela Pixie Teddy
Sway Marie

Three of our Angels were adopted by their forever fosters:

Molly Cooper Jordan

Sadly, we lost two pugs during the year of 2016.  Rex came into PPSNR in August suffering from heat stroke.  Despite our efforts to save him, his body temperature was too high for too long and we helped him to the bridge.  Talula came into our Angel Program in June 2016.  She was diabetic and her blood sugars were out of control.  After a couple of days in the hospital, we were able to get her blood sugars under control and she went home to her forever foster.  She did well on a special diet.  Unfortunately, due to her diabetes being out of control for so long, Talula’s internal organs started to shut down.  As we did not want her to suffer, we helped Talula across the bridge the end of October 2016.

The sad news does not end here.  We learned that Mugsy, Trey, TJ, Stephen and Alice, alumni of the PPSNR also crossed the bridge during the year.

All of this could not be accomplished without a wonderful team of volunteers and donors.  Our volunteers are the backbone of PPSNR.  Some take time out of their busy life schedules to transport dogs from surrender to foster to a forever home.  Others take the time to do vet reference checks, phone interview or home visits.

Then there is our dedicated team of fosters.  These volunteers open their homes and their hearts to the dogs that come to the rescue.  They take them to be vetted, see specialists if needed, help them mend after surgery, work on socialization, house manners, and much more.  We are truly blessed to have a special group of fosters who have agreed to take into their homes our Angel Program rescues.

For those not familiar with our Angel Program, these dogs are not eligible for general adoption due to medical issues, advanced age or other special circumstances.  Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue has made a commitment to these dogs to provide them with a forever home and medical care for the rest of their lives.  Those forever fosters who opened their homes for an extended time are truly special.

As our volunteers are the heart and soul of the rescue, our donors are our life’s blood.  We are truly blessed by the donors who provide the funds needed to provide the medical care needed.  

On average, the rescue spends approximately $500 to $700 to have the dogs that come into the rescue brought up to date on vaccinations, spay/neuter, and well checks, after discounts offered by our veterinarian’s offices.  We operate in one of the more expense areas of the country for vetting.  Our average adoption fee is around $350.  In addition, PPSNR has spent many thousands of dollars on more costly treatments, extended hospital stays and surgical procedures.  It is through the overwhelming generosity of our donors that we can provide the care these precious babies need and deserve.

As we look forward to 2017, it is our dream that every dog finds their loving forever home and should never need to come into a rescue.  As this is just a dream today, with your support as a volunteer or donor PPSNR will continue to provide the love, support and medical care for those dogs that come into our care.

Thank you for your support and the entire team at Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue wish you a happy, joyous and healthy 2017.