On behalf of the entire team and especially the dogs of Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue we would like to thank you for your recent donation.  Your support will help us provide the dogs with the healthcare, training and support that they need prior to moving to their forever home.

The impact your donations have can sometimes seem absolutely miraculous. The average medical bill for each rescue surrendered to PPSNR is over  $600, yet our adoption donations remain from $200 to $500. Obviously, that does not even out. With rising medical costs and an increase in health issues that we see, it will only get worse. PPSNR will never deny any or our rescues proper pet medications and necessary medical care. We count on donations all year round to make a difference in the lives of each of our rescues, and our supporters have always come through.

Thank you again for your donation.

Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue