Bianca, a Pekingese,  was turned over to Philly Animal Control June 6th because she is having difficulty urinating and is urinating blood. Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue stepped in to help her.  She was rushed to Garden State Vet Specialties. This little doll is only 2 years old, scared and in a lot of pain. 

Bianca had blood work done and that came back normal. She is scheduled for surgery first thing tomorrow morning at Garden State Vet Specialists. They did an x-ray and found what they believe is up to 400 bladder stones. She can not urinate. This surgery will literally save her life.

Bianca had her surgery this afternoon. The surgeon removed a lot of stones, “sand” and sludge from her bladder and urethra. The doctors were amazed that she was able to pass any urine do to the blockages. Because of the high number of stones that were packed in her bladder, there is a small tear in the lining of her urethra that we are hoping will heal on its own. The stones, “sand” and sludge have been sent to the lab for analysis.

Because of the extreme number of stones and the tear in her urethra wall, Bianca will be staying longer in the hospital than originally anticipated for extended observation and testing of her urine output. This is going to add to the original estimated coast of her care.

Please help Bianca get the care she so desperately needs.

Bianca is starting to feel better!! She is still in the hospital at Garden State Vet and will be there for a couple more days. She is eating & is quite a little love bug too.

Her catheter will be removed Thursday morning. If she can potty on her own, she will be released from the hospital Thursday night or Friday.

Unfortunately her bill continues to rise. Every dollar we raise will help. No amount is too small. It all counts and is a huge help to us.

If you like you can donate directly through Papal you can send your donation to or you can mail a check or money order to PPSNR, P.O. Box 147, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Bianca 2

Bianca is out of the hospital and recuperating at her foster home. She needs to have her incision checked in two weeks. PPSNR is still waiting for the lab results as to the cause of the numerous bladder stones.

Her medical costs have drained the financial resources of the rescue. Thank you to those that have already contributed to her care. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated by Bianca and future babies that come into Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue in need of medical care.

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