Casey Jones
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Today, March 19, 2015, Casey Jones had a check up at Garden State Vet Specialties.

One year ago in June, Casey was at GSVS for airway surgery (her nasal passages were enlarged and her palate was shortened).

Last year on a scale of 1-10 (10 being severe breathing issues) she was a 8. After her surgery, she was a 4 and today she was upgraded to 5.

Unfortunately, after her surgery, we learned that her larynx is slowly collapsing. Last week we noticed that Casey’s barking was making her a little winded and she sounds a little hoarse. This is what prompted us to get her looked at ASAP. Sadly, there is nothing more we can do for Casey medically. A stent or trach breathing hole are not options for her.

The most important thing is that Casey is not in any pain or discomfort. We are doing our very best to keep her as calm as possible. Her exercise & walking outside are very limited. We will be very lucky if Casey will be with us a couple more years. We will move the sun and moon to make sure she has everything she wants and needs.  But most importantly, if the time comes that we have to make that dreaded decision, please know that she will not suffer.