logoforfundraiserwebsitePPSNR has partnered with THE BEST Gourmet Popcorn Company, Nom Nom Gourmet Popcorn Company. Our online store is located at www.supportyours.org/ppsnrescue

A SIGNIFICANT portion of all the sales go directly to PPSNR! Funds from this fundraiser will help raise funds for Casey’s surgery. We are $350 away from the low end of our fundraising goal. Any additional funds raised will go towards Vinny’s cataract surgery.

This Gourmet Popcorn is unlike ANY Gourmet Popcorn you have tasted. The cheeses are made with real cheese! Plus they offer over 65 flavors like Smores, Pumpkin Pie, Christmas Vanilla, Caramel Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, Peppermint Bark, Cookies and Cream, Egg Nog and more!

Please take the time to go to our online store at www.supportyours.org/ppsnrescue. Consider making a purchase of your favorite types of Gourmet Popcorn… whether it is 1 bag, 2 bags or 4… everything will be a help!

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