Angel Program Update
We have mixed news to report about the Angel’s.

Gus Gus:  On February 25th Gus went to the Rainbow Bridge.  He could no longer fight the cancer within him.

Gus Gus
Gus Gus

Gus arrived in October 2014 and was diagnosed with lymphoma sarcoma (cancer of the lymphnodes).  He had two huge inoperable tumors under his chin. We knew his time with us would not be much, but we always hoped to have more time together.  Despite the meds and steroids he was on, Gus was in a lot of pain and we could not let him suffer.

In the four months that we had Gus, he knew love, compassion and the joy of belly rubs.  Everyone he met fell in love with him. He even attended one of our monthly meetup last year before the winter arrived.

This little guy left paw prints not only on the hearts of his fosters but the entire PPSNR family.

Lottie:  When Lottie first came to us she was thin with no muscle tone and scared.  She had neuralgic deficits in both hind legs and the front right.  She had difficulty walking.  She also did not have complete control of her bladder and bowels.  When she would have an accident she would run and hide.  The first few nights we had her, she would wake up howling and shaking.  I can only imagine the nightmares this baby was having.


When Lottie was spayed the veterinarian took x-rays of her spine and hips, and found she has a severe birth defect of her spine.  Somehow this little girl had learned to get by.  Soon after her surgery she had two episodes of collapse.  The vet did an EKG and found she had an irregular heartbeat and recommended a cardiologist.  So Lottie went to Red Bank Vet Hospital to see a cardiologist.  It was found that she does have a heart problem associated with her vegal nerve. Medication was prescribed to try to speed up and regulate her heart beat.  Since Lottie started her medicine, she has been great.  No more episodes or collapses.  She is very playful.  Especially after she eats.  She loves squeaky toys.  She gathers them in her bed and guards them.

In the short time we’ve had her we have noticed an improvement in her neurological deficits.  She is also starting to get muscle tone in her legs.  She still has accidents but we tell her its okay, we understand.  She gets plenty of exercise playing with her toys and chasing the cats.  Everyday she goes to work with me.  Which she loves.  She gets so excited when I grab my lunch bag and her coat.  When we get home after a tough day at work (sleeping under my desk),she can’t wait to get onto someones lap to watch T.V.  She has even started to bark and run after animals she sees on T.V.

She no longer wakes up in middle of the night howling.  I think she feels safe and love here.  Everyone that meets her loves her.  No one understands how or why someone could abandon such a sweet little girl.  We are glad we have the opportunity to have Lottie come into our lives.

Lilac and Winnie:
A few months have passed since Lilac, then Winnie, joined the ranks of the Pugstead in Pittsburgh. No, they are not Steelers, or Pens’ fans-if anything, their foster mom will tell you they are Detroit fans ☺ Like the spirit there, nothing will hold either Lilac or Winnie back. They are determined to never let their issues stop them.


Lilac, the shadow, is happiest when ‘mommy’ is next to her. She’s so very well behaved, and thrilled to go for outings. Of course, she draws a crowd wherever she goes. Those beautiful eyes and her demanding her ‘court’ look upon her as the royalty she is. She loves hats, clothes, and will sit quietly, as everyone admires her.

With the neurologist Dr recommendation, Lilac is to have walks and home physical therapy. With the weather of southwest PA, the walks have been nonexistent but Lilac will follow the cats around the living room, therefore, getting some exercise. The home therapy is simple stretches and mobility movements.


Winnie has made it her job to be the boss of the household. Even though she’s the smallest of the 6 pugs she lives with, they all seem to let her have her way. Not much gets past her-she’ll sit at attention taking it all in. We have noticed when she starts to get tired; she’ll resort to what we call her ‘Lt Dan’ crawl, and drag her rear legs. When she’s excited, as after her bath, she’s quite capable of hopping around like a kangaroo! On occasion, we’ll find her in a silly place-the last time, in a box that was on the floor after a shopping trip. Her happy place is on a lap, typical Pug ☺

Since Winnie has been on her seizure medication, she has not had a single ‘episode’. She will be going back for a recheck in March with the neurologist. She is also to do walks and home physical therapy, as Lilac does.

Both Lilac and Winnie have an amazing love of life. They have no idea they are different from the other dogs. As long as they are happy, healthy, and pain free, we’ll give whatever care they need to stay that way.

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