Gino was the first English Bulldog I ever adopted and I fell in love with his crooked teeth that kind of bit you when he gave you a bully kiss 🙂  I knew Gino was a senior at about 13 years and I knew he had many health problems – cherry eye, terrible teeth, needed to be neutered, had trouble holding his urine, was emaciated, and the list goes on. But all I could see was a happy bully when he smiled 🙂  And I was in love immediately !!!

Gino just fit into my family of doggies and he especially bonded with my pug Pinky – they seem to never be far from one another and even today I think she wonders where he has gone 🙂  Rescue can be difficult cause sometimes it is not for a long time but that time is all quality and all special 🙂  And I know I would do it all over again – Love you Mushy!!! You are always in my heart,

Your mama Paula

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