For those that don’t know her story, Lottie as was found tied to a bush outside of a New Hampshire SPCA office a little before Christmas 2014.  No local rescues would take her from the SPCA due to her age and neurological issues. Not wanting to see her stay in the shelter, PPSNR stepped up and took her into our Angels Program.

Since coming into PPSNR she has been having episodes where she is passing out. Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue made arrangements for her to be seen by a Cardiologist. This sweet girl underwent a very extensive cardiology examination that included an echocardiogram, EKG & atropine tests. It was determined that Lottie has an irregular and very slow heart rate and vagal response due to what the vets think stems from her neurological issues with her neck and brain. Lottie’s slow and irregular heart rate causes her to pass out. Lottie is on a special compound medication to help increase her heart rate.

We are Hopeful that her passing out will no longer be an issue. The medication prescribed by the cardiologist appear to be working. However, she will need to consult with a Neurologist about possible neck and brain issues.

Lottie is loved, well cared for and loving life in her Angel Foster Home. Lottie is not available for adoption and will remain with PPSNR as part of the Angel Program for the balance of her life.

You can help with Lottie’s ongoing medical expenses by becoming a virtual foster for Lottie

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