Mort3Mortimer is a 4-year-old rescue Pug from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was put up for sale on Craigslist and taken in by Philly Pug and Short Nose Rescue. Mortimer, formerly known as Jerry, was in pretty rough shape. He had two kinds of worms, fleas, was underweight, not house-trained and had food aggression.  PPSNR rehabilitated him for several months with the expertise of a volunteer affectionately known as the pug whisperer. On November 17, 2013, Mortimer was adopted by the 

He’s been happily ensconced in his Lewisburg and owners’ hearts for a year and. Generally, a shy sleepyhead who loves to snuggle, he springs up at mealtime and runs around in circles barking and jumping. His favorite snacks are string cheese, bananas, apples, and socks, especially the more flavorful dirty ones. At times, he’s quite the gentleman, offering his paw to shake before he gets a treat. At other times, an efficient vacuum cleaner, hoovering up every little crumb and scrap practically before they hit the floor.

MortXmasHis favorite pastimes include snoozing, lazing about on his owners’ laps, rolling around in, chasing rabbits, taking his owners on long walks and jumping in the car every chance he gets because he worries he’s going to miss out on something.

Last summer, Mortimer enjoyed an epic road trip to California and back with his family and is an excellent traveler. He loves having friends over for puppy play dates and sleepovers, specifically Penny the Bulldog, Pete the Peekapoo and MacDuff the Golden Doodle. To follow the misadventures of Mortimer the Pug and his cohorts, find Mortimer McKinney on Facebook.





Tara McKinney, August 2015 – Lewisburg Living Magazine.

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