Mugsy – In Memorium


Mugsy was listed on RescueMe. The surrenders asked for help within 24 hours because 10-year-old Mugsy was diabetic. He was having accidents in the home, losing weight quickly and incredibly thirsty. They were a young couple with an infant and toddler, living in a small apartment in the Allentown, PA area. The cost of the insulin and related supplies would have been a financial hardship for them. The wanted to do what was best for their beloved Mugsy.

Most rescues that responded to the ad berated, yelled at and condemned Mugsy’s owners. Rachel, co-founder of PPNSR, took the time and patients with Mugsy’s owners and talked to them and befriended them for over three days.

After three days of talking, Mugsy’s owners made the difficult decision to surrender Mugsy to PPSNR. Mugsy’s former owners are still good friends and supporters of the rescue to this day.

PPSNR immediately had Mugsy seen by our Vet. We moved him on better quality food and regular insulin schedule. Like magic, he gained some weight back and his wonderful personality shined like the brightest star in the sky.  A few months later, the diabetes caused issues with his eyes (not an uncommon occurrence) and he had to have both eyes removed. His loss of sight did not slow this boy down.

13466377_10209970994930511_7008256744576611930_nOn June 15, 2016, Mugsy has a very low blood sugar. Jenn was able to get him stabilized & took him to the vet only to learn that the insulin is no longer working for him. His blood sugars were up then down. Rather than keep running to the vet to treat his uncontrollable blood sugars . . . Jenn and Phil made the heartbreaking decision to help Mugsy cross the bridge on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Mugsy was only with them for 3 years. In those three years, he has the best life any pug could possibly dream of.

Rachel and Jeff consider themselves lucky because they got to visit with Mugsy and sometimes he would come over to hang out with their pugs. Rachel said, “its rare that we get to spend time with some of the pugs that have been adopted. Mugsy will always have a special place in my heart.”

Jen and Phil, thank you for giving Mugsy the life he deserved.

Mugsy, you will always be in our hearts.