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Lilac the pug
Ringo the pug
Angel Pug Darrell
Lt Dan Angel

The dogs in the Angel program are currently on extended medical hold or are living out their days in a Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue Angel (forever) Home.  The reasons vary with each dog.  

Those on medical hold have a major medical issue that needs tending prior to going to their forever homes.  Often the required medical treatments are expensive and in some cases require an extended recuperation period before they can go to their forever home.

Others suffer from chronic conditions, old age or other health issues.  As these dogs are not generally adoptable, PPSNR has made the commitment to these souls to provide them with the loving home, good food and medical care they need for the rest of their lives.

Please consider helping PPSNR’s Angels with their ongoing care by making a one time or monthly financial contribution below.  Or you can become a virtual foster for any one our Angels.  Just click on their name below and go to the donation form at the bottom of their page.  Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which makes all donations tax deductible.

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