Meet Peter, the newest member of PPSNR.

August 14, 2014:
Peter is an owner surrender that came in to our care today. As you can see from the pictures he is severely emaciated, malnourished and dehydrated, he has liver damage and he is also newly diagnosed with diabetes. His former owners thought that because his teeth were bad, they got a dental done. Diabetes is a slow and deadly disease that can easily be misdiagnosed.


**UPDATE** August 15, 2014:
Peter had a great night last night. He has started insulin treatments.  He is more alert, loves belly rubs, most importantly he is eating. He didn’t want to go out for a walk because it rained last night and the grass was wet.  So its safe to say, he is feeling better & is a normal pug.  He went into the emergency vet & his blood sugars were 406. He has been holding steady at 100!!  So things are looking up for Peter.

**Update** August 16, 2014
Peter has some internal issues.  Tests show his liver is small & barely functions. His pancreas is tiny and does not produce the enzymes he needs to process the food he eats.  This is why his bowel movements are a pale ash gray color.  There is a supplement that he is on to help him digest food along with insulin. He is being weened off his insulin IV & will be getting subcutaneous insulin shots. If his blood sugars stay within normal range he might get discharged late today.

**Update** August 17, 2014
Sometime this morning Peter crossed The Rainbow Bridge. He had a very rough night. He was nausea & had diarrhea. He did not want breakfast. He did not even want a drink of water.  He laid down in a crate to take a morning puggy nap. We tried to wake him to no avail.  The Diabetes and liver damage must have been too much for him.  

Peter your time with us may have been short, but you were loved by the entire PPSNR Family. 

You can make a tax-deductible donation in memory of Peter HERE.

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