Lt. Dan

Meet Lt. Dan (aka Dan), the newest PPSNR Pug in our Angel Program. Dan is an adorable 7-year-old that has been through hell and back.

Lt. Dan came to us on November 8, 2017, from Homeward Bound Pet Rescue in South Carolina. Dan is heartworm positive, he has an upper respiratory infection, his nails have grown into his paw pads, and his skin is dry and flaky. Prior to his arrival into rescue, Dan was in a shelter and had problems using both rear legs. It was an old injury that was not properly cared for. Therefore, Dan lost mobility in his rear legs.

Well, today is the first day of a brand new life for Lt. Dan. Not to worry Dan, PPSNR will take excellent care of you, we promise! He is going to the vet tomorrow morning and he will get all the medical care that he needs, one step at a time.

Dan will need to recover from his URI, then he will go on antibiotics for a month. Then he can start his heartworm treatment. Then he will be able to be neutered. We just hope that Dan will survive and live a long happy life with PPSNR.

**UPDATE – NOVEMBER 9, 2017**
Lt. Dan had a great first night at his loving foster home. He is such a sweetheart

Dan will be needing a cart in the near future. We want to get him back on pain meds

Dan is going to start taking doxycycline for a month.  This is the first step to treat his heartworms.  Once he is done the doxycycline he’ll start his injections to treat the heartworms.

The vet feels he’s younger than 7 and his problems are the result of a congenital autoimmune disorder; perhaps rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do except keep him as comfortable as possible. We will look into all options to help him & keep him comfortable. We’re going to take everything one day at a time.

Now more than ever, we need your help with Dan’s medical care. Without your love and support of PPSNR, we cannot do what we do best and that is to provide whatever medical care is necessary for all the pugs in our care.  Please become a virtual foster for Lt. Dan.

In October 2017, a wonderful PPSNR supporter recommended a rescue in South Carolina to contact us regarding a little pug mix, as to him joining our Angel Program. On the advice of an Orthopedic surgeon, he was facing a double amputation of his rear legs. We committed to bringing Lt Dan in, even after his following heartworm positive diagnosis. On a second opinion, it was decided to let him keep his rear legs, and fit him with a cart. Next step, transportation to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, to his Angel home foster.

Do you believe in Fate? We do because another rescuer in South Carolina just so happen to also have a residence in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, same city Lt Dan’s foster home was located and was traveling up there. Gill brought Lt Dan right to his foster mom’s house, exactly one year ago today.

When Lt Dan arrived, he had barely any use of his rear legs, dragging himself along with his front. We learned he had the equivalent of human rheumatoid arthritis. With 3 different pain relievers, we vowed to keep him comfortable. He started his month-long antibiotics, starting his heartworm treatment. In December 2017, Dan had his two injections to kill the heartworms, put on cage rest for 4 weeks. Other then a small set back with lung inflammation, he did very well. Next step, visiting Dr Doug for a consult for acupuncture.

Dr Doug wasn’t sure how much acupuncture would help Lt Dan, but we agreed to give it a try. All we hoped for was to keep him comfortable, have a good quality of life, be loved and give love. We had no idea how much his weekly appointments would transform this little boy from him dragging himself along to going up and down stairs, chasing wildlife outside and the cats inside. Not only has he done all this, but is now just on an anti-inflammatory as needed. This is what Philly Pug and Short Nose Rescue, our Angel Program, and your donations have accomplished! Lt Dan is now heartworm negative, neutered, happy and healthy. He’ll never quite walk right, with his knees fused, and tendons constricted, but he’s remarkably mobile-and fast!

Meet your November Angel of the Month, Lt Dan! And, he wants to thank you all for your support.

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