Say hello to Phoebe.  She is the newest member of the Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue’s Angel program.

Phoebe is a spunky, sassy and adorable old lady at her ripe age of 15.  She has settled into her foster home and has warmed up to her foster sister.  Her foster mom says, “she still not a cuddler, yet!”  She has developed a few new nick names such as Phoebes or The Phoebes. 

Her foster mom has adjusted to feeding Phoebe on Phoebe’s feeding schedule.  She will let you know it is meal time with a sassy yappy bark. Phoebe spends the majority of her time in the kitchen when she is awake. She loves sleeping in the pug beds but has occasionally been found sleeping on shoes with her nose in one of them.  

Phoebe has arthritis and neuropathy and is currently on a low dose of Rimadyl for the arthritis pain.  She will be seeing PPSNR’s main vet for a consultation in the near future for acupuncture and holistic treatments to make her comfortable.  The goal is to get her off of the Rimadyl which can have harsh side effects long term. 

You can help PPSNR with Phoebe’s on going medical expenses by becoming a Virtual Foster below.