Rescue Me

The following poem was sent to us when we adopted Rosie:

Rescue me not only with your hands, but with your heart as well.
I will respond to you.

Rescue me not out of pity, but out of love.
I will love you back.

Rescue me not with self-righteousness, but with compassion.
I will learn what you teach.

Rescue me not because of my past, but because of my future.
I will relax and enjoy.

Rescue me not simply to save me, but to give me a new life.
I will appreciate your gift.

Rescue me not only with a firm hand, but with tolerance and patience.
I will please you.

Rescue me not only because of who I am, but who I’m to become.
I will grow and mature.

Rescue me no to revere yourself to others, but because you want me.
I will never let you down.

Rescue me not with a hidden agenda, but with a desire to teach me to trust.
I will be loyal and true.

Rescue me not to be chained or to fight, but to be your companion.
I will stand by your side.

Rescue me no to replace one you’ve lost, but to sooth your spirit.
I will cherish you.

Rescue me no to be your pet, but ot be your friend
I will give you undonditional love

Rescue me with true love in your heart and I will you thse things all the days of my life.

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