What is behind the rescuers that people don’t see…

Just because I rescue animals doesn’t mean I sit by the phone waiting for it to ring so that I can jump up and save the next dog in need.

Just because I rescue animals doesn’t mean that I have more time and money than the next person.ust because I rescue animals doesn’t mean that I can perform miracles and turn that horribly aggressive or horribly abused dog around into beautiful family dogs like they were born to be.
Sometimes I can’t save the dog and the outcome isn’t the outcome we all dream of.

  • What people don’t see about the animal rescuer is:
  • A house that needs to be cleaned
  • Laundry that needs to be done
  • Bills that need to be paid
  • A full-time job that is extremely demanding
  • Our own animals that take the back seat to all the animals in need
  • Our family who takes a back seat to all the animals in need
  • Health issues either ours or a member of our family
  • Financial struggles
  • Cars that need oil changes, new tires, etc.
  • Dentist appointments
  • Doctor appointments
  • The lawn that needs to be mowed
  • The friend’s wedding we are in
  • The close family member or friend who has passed away
  • We are JUST LIKE YOU!!! The only difference is we have an overwhelming calling that we can’t ignore to help those who can’t help themselves.
  • So when someone calls and says “COME NOW THIS DOG IS IN NEED NOW.”
  • That means we are leaving our husband, wife, kids, or friend sitting alone in a restaurant with a 1/2 eaten meal in the empty seat next to them
  • while we rush to help whatever animal needs us next.
  • That means we have to NOT piss off our paying job by finding someone to help while we are at work and then RUSH out of work right at 5 pm to step in.
  • It means that we don’t get our laundry done, we don’t get our house as clean as we want it, we don’t eat dinner until 10 pm at night and we go to work tired the next day. All because we have to COME RIGHT NOW!
  • And to top it all off WE ARE NOT PAID ONE DIME! NOT ONE CENT!
  • Actually, in the long run, we lose more money than some people make in a year!

So the next time you are angry because a rescue person can’t help or needs help or the outcome of an animal that you donated money to make feel better doesn’t come out with a fairy tale ending that you hoped for stop and think COULD YOU DO WHAT WE DO? COULD YOU SACRIFICE EVERYTHING WE SACRIFICE?

And the next time you think to yourself. Oh, that poor dog/cat shouldn’t be in a cage for 12 hours a day while the foster is at work or the poor animal shouldn’t be in a no-kill shelter but in a home.

Think of it this way. Someone sacrificed A LOT so that “poor” animal could be there ALIVE! And NO it isn’t perfect but it is temporary and necessary!

The alternative is death…YOU CHOOSE WHICH IS WORSE…”

By: Fran Grimaldi (ADAPTED)